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The Lamp Repair Shop is located in the heart of Knightville at
105 Ocean Street, South Portland, Maine 04106 (Map)
(207) 799-9159
Visit the studio anytime Tuesday ~ Friday, 8 ~ 4:30
The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC is a full service lamp repair and antique lighting restoration studio that specializes in the repair, restoration, and modifications of antique, vintage lighting. Since 1986, The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC has repaired over 43,000  table lamps, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, and floor lamps. The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC also creates one-of-a-kind lamps from salvaged and up-cycled materials using age old practices that produce a lamp designed to last for generations. Mechanical repairs completed at The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC are 100% guaranteed, however, due to the ever decreasing quality of replacement electrical parts, The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC cannot guarantee the longevity of these parts. We do however, guarantee that all lamp repairs are fully tested and the lamps will be in excellent working order upon delivery. The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC no longer offers repairs, advice, or parts for the repair or restoration of any type of halogen lighting due to liability concerns.
At The Lamp Repair Shop, we believe in recycling. In fact, each month we send out five gallons or less of trash to be collected! Everything else gets recycled or reused. Not bad for a business that moves hundreds of jobs through every single month!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It's for the future!
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Let's look at the numbers:
2014: 1,657 jobs completed.
2015: 1,712 jobs completed.
2016: 1,590 jobs completed.
2017: 1,648 jobs completed.
2018: 1,752 jobs completed.
This brings our total to 45,948 jobs completed from September 1986 through December 2019.
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A look at some recent creations.
(New ones recently added!)
2019: 1,716 jobs completed
Notice: May 18, 2020
The Lamp Repair Shop is on a "by-appointment-only" schedule for now. I am taking appointments Monday through Friday from 9-2, and I am happy to offer curb-side service. Other times are available as needed.
Please call the studio at (207) 799-9159
for directions on how to pick up or drop off repairs.
The retail part of the business is open on a limited basis.