Star Trek inspired USS Enterprise light
So this was an interesting challenge: To create a lamp that speaks to the Trekkie in me, but use only salvaged materials I had on hand.
This was the lamp I came up with...
...and this is how it came to be:
the main body of the USS Enterprise light
I started with part of an old student oil lamp that was in a scrap pile down in the basement. It already had part of the shape I needed for a Star Trek style light.
Creating the warp engines for the USS Enterprise light
Here I have added ends to the side tubes which hold brackets inside that will themselves hold the LED sockets.
Creating the saucer support for the USS Enterprise light
Creating and placing the saucer support was excacting work. The angles needed to be perfectly alligned to keep the saucer level.
The fitting of the saucer on the USS Enterprise light
The initial fitting of the saucer. I made the saucer from two pieces to allow the wiring of LED lights.
Final fitting of the saucer section for the USS Enterprise light
Creating the deflector dish for the USS Enterprise light
The "deflector dish" on the main body will act as the lamp's switching mechanism. This large tube has a removeable sleeve specially cut out to allow the internal wiring to be done.
The final fitting of the saucer section including drilling and tapping for a dozen tiny brass screws to hold the two sections together.  Here I have also set the sockets in place to make sure the LED lights will be perfectly aligned. At this stage, the entire lamp will be dis-assembled, cleaned, and readied for wiring.
detail work on the USS Enterprise light
Some tedious detail work covering up the many scars and holes from all the previous owners of the original oil lamp. This is where much of the time creating these one-of-a-kind lamps is used.
creating the base for the USS Enterprise light
To create the base for my light, I really stretched the limit of up-cycling. Here I have taken the bottom of an artillery shell to which I added a custom fitted brass cap. The base has been loaded with melted lead tire weights, so it's pretty heavy. For the support, I cut out a section of three inch reeded pipe brazed onto a gyromatic swivel so the lamp can be displayed at a rakish angle.
Here is the completed USS Enterprise lamp with its LED lights placed.
All the brass is now hand polished to a nice, satin finish and re-assembled with the wiring in place.

Other than the electrical, this lamp is all up-cycled materials! And it only took 40 hours to make!
Meanwhile, in another galaxy far, far away...
spoof of star wars from The Lamp Repair Shop