Greetings and Welcome
The Lamp Repair Shop
South Portland, Maine
Recycling lamps since 1986!
What to know:
Covid-19 has changed how The Lamp Repair Shop conducts business.
We are now BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and take in repairs on a very limited basis.
Email us at for more information.
We are happy to offer curb-side service if requested.
robot lamp made at the lamp repair shop
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With the experience of over 47,000 lamp repairs, The Lamp Repair Shop knows a thing or two about how best to safely and considerately repair your cherrished lamps. With attention to detail rarely seen today, you can be assured that we take the history and styling of antique lighting very seriously before we make repairs. Our work will blend as smoothly as possible to maintain the lamp's character and integrity.
Honeywell Mark II
It's hard to believe I am at the point where I can take in no more repairs until AFTER January 3rd, 2021! Because I normally receive 30-40 requests EVERY SINGLE DAY, please hold off emailing me until then. I will begin making new appointments at that time.