Salvage Maine
Recycle everything!
Located on the corner of an urban farm not far from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, there sits a tiny little carraige house that was doomed to fall due to decades of neglect. It was during the restoration of this building that an idea was born: Giving the discarded a new life.
The building was home to woodchucks, skunks, and millions of ants. Soil had been allowed to build up, which rotted the sills, and the roof was barely held up.
Because the building lay right on the property line, the city said if it falls down, it stays down. But I was free to try and save it. So save it I did! After humane evictions (except for the ants, sorry), I started by replacing the sills and worked my way up to a new roof, replacing timbers as I went along. Thus I created a tidy little workshop to explore my "upcycling" business idea.
The insulated walls and roof help provide comfortable warmth during Maine winters, plus nice cool temperatures during the warmer months.
Almost all of the tools used at Salvage Maine are themselves salvaged. I have spent years combing flea markets, yard sales, and thrift shops searching for unwanted tools of the trade and putting them all back to work. No tool in my collection goes unused!
My drills never need batteries replaced!
Just a few of the things created from trash at Salvage Maine.